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DDay 2014 Allied Victory!!!

To all Officers, NCO’s and Troops of the 82nd Airborne congratulations on a very close Allied Victory!!!

The 82nd Airborne was everywhere this year. We fought hard, worked as a team and stayed connected the entire day. As the Commander of the 82nd Airborne I saw you guys fight extremely hard and you executed our plans perfectly. From 0900 till game over we never stopped moving, maneuvering and taking objectives. Thank you all for the privilege of leading such a fine and impressive Division. I will be back next year for the entire week once more and can’t wait to fight alongside all of you again.

Brigadier General Posey




DDay 2015 Preparations Underway

Once again it's time to start organizing and preparing the 82nd Airborne and Pathfinders for Oklahoma D-day. The 2014 game was a close victory so be prepared, the Germans won't easily let us win 4 in a row and will be back next year ready to put up a good fight.

We need Company Commanders, platoon and squad leaders. We need to create and organize our 82nd Weapons element and get started rebuilding our own anti-tank weapons, heavy weapons, tanks, planes and flame throwers.

It's also time to start recruiting and to begin work on tweaking our training programs. We need good teams and players from all over the country. We are the 'All-American' Division after all! And we want to make our training fun, effective and relevant.

• Recruiting
• Training
• Weapons (airborne, wheeled and man-portable)
• Leadership
• Vehicle crews

If you have interest in any of these positions, it's time to let us know. splashcola@hotmail.com